Completed and Current Projects

Foundation has projects that are sustainably realized through established sub-institutions and/or are compiled and realized on situation

Sustainable projects realized on institutional basis are:

  • Soup Kitchen, where hundreds of socially disadvantaged people eat every day
  • Summer yard camps, in which more than 1000 of children participate from Alaverdi, Teghout, Shnogh and other communities
  • Alaverdi "Metallurg" stadium operation, repairing of which also was mainly realized by means of the Foundation

Other sustainably realized projects are:

  • Tuition payment of the nursery for dozens of children from socially disadvantaged families
  • Financing of asphalting works of different roads of Alaverdi
  • Assistance to Alaverdi, Shnogh and Teghout schools, vocational school, medical school and other educational institutions
  • Every new school year, pupils of 1-4 classes are provided with bags, stationery, etc. and the vulnerable family children are provided also with uniforms and other clothing.
  • Foundation funds are provided for the organization of mass cultural events and festive events taking place in the cultural center and in the city.
  • Assistance to sport-athletic institutions
  • Social support to the World War 2 veterans and the families of soldiers who died in Artsakh war
  • Projects being realized on situational basis

- The Foundation also takes care of the children of disadvantaged, needy families: it provides financial support to the patients who do not have enough means for the medical treatment, giving opportunity to obtain medicines and to pass a medical research in Yerevan.
- Assistance to the repairing of the roofs of multi-apartment buildings in Alaverdi

- Technical reinforcement of the educational and cultural objects

- Other projects social assistance